Chapter 1-The Dance Metaphor

I personally love metaphors. When people are explaining things to me and I start looking at them like a deer in headlights, all they have to do is start using a metaphor or a story and I am back in the game. I also love to dance, so needless to say “The Dance that Matters” had me hooked from the beginning. I started picturing how it feels when you are asked to dance from someone who you have never danced with before. There are plenty of nerves on both ends, and lots of questions. Should I let him lead? What if he steps on my toes? Just as the book talks about these are the same types of anxiety ridden questions that are asked from both parties when starting a new relationship between parent and any one member of the IEP team.

“Partnerships evolve over time and go through a series of developmental phases during the course of working together.” This part in the book stuck out to me. Just like in dancing, you become better partners the more experience you have together. I like how the book goes on to talk about how sometimes its messy and sticky and that does not mean it is a doomed relationship.

In close I am excited to continue reading about “The Dance that Matters”. It is after all something that I believe we all need to be reminded of. Beginning of relationships of all kinds can be messy and weird, but we must find a way to fight through. It does matter.

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